Energy and Utilities

The energy and utilities industry is under pressure to simultaneously reduce costs and improve operational performance. Many companies have identified optimisation of self-service channels as the key area for improvement which encompasses sales and service interactions such as work items, payments, service requests, multi-step business processes among contacts with customers, internal departments and third parties.

The use of web for self-services and emails as a mean to migrate calls away from expensive agents aim to improve overall services by adding flexibility to existing communication channels. For instance, using web self-service, customers can view and pay bills, check account balances, sign up for or renew services and review meter readings. Customers also benefit from the convenience of being able to interact with the company whenever they want.

We provide complete set of contact centre applications to improve your operational efficiency while reducing agent headcount cost. Not only does it include standard CTI application and self-service processes, but it also provides workforce optimization, customised services to meet your unique requirements at different stages of your business.

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