Travel and Hospitality

As technology developments continue at a relentless pace, it can be difficult for hotels to keep up with recent changes. Especially so when the management needs to keep an eye on technology trends suited for business improvements.

Mobile solution is the new face of computing as devices such as tablets and smartphones revolutionise the way we interact with technology. Hospitality is no exception to this revolution.

Social Engagement has a profound impact upon the hospitality industry. travellers can research holidays, hotels and leisure facilities through influential tools like Facebook or Twitters thus online reputation is of utmost critical to a business. However, it is not just a stand-alone marketing department concern, but also relates directly to daily operations. As such, social media monitoring should be interfaced with the hotel management systems so that swift, appropriate action can be taken.

Contact Center Virtualization is another strategy for globalization of hotel industry. This may be something as relatively simple as issues of scalability or international languages, or something as complex as accounting for different regulations and working practices in different countries. Resource management shall help to reduce cost and improve consistent customer experience, we can virtualises your Contact Centre to identify the best available agents anywhere.

Workforce Optimization can help to create personalised service to your travel and hospitality customers, as well as provide more comprehensive management information and improve operational efficiency with tighten system integration strategy. This is because hotels span many functions – from accommodation and event catering to specialised facilities such as golf and health spas. Each of these areas has, traditionally, operated as an individual software system. Whilst this approach has delivered specific functionality, it has also led to silos of information. We provide full range of solutions to enable good employee engagement for customer satisfaction.

Proactive Web Engagement is able to reduce calls from travellers who cannot complete a transaction on the Web and keep them from going elsewhere. Hence, you should monitor your customers’ web behaviour and proactively offers assisted service.

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