Support Services

Our experienced engineering services team helps you to maintain higher availability of your system and application with integrated maintenance; Better results from better skilled engineers, we are confident to provide you the highest level of proactive support through High Availability, monitoring and regular maintenance programmes.

24/7 maintenance support

Our 24/7 support service unit or Service Desk, is the central station where all your queries are answered. With a highly-integrated CRM system in place, we focus on fault-logging through a one-call resolution process – a service we’re proud to provide.

Preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenance program is an option for you to establish to minimise downtime and increases the long-term reliability of your system or application. It is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at preventing breakdowns and failures.

In today’s competitive marketplace, maintaining service continuity is crucial. our preventive maintenance team schedules regular visits to your premises with system and configuration backup. We perform verifications and checks on overall system functionalities to ensure updates and software patches are delivered on time. With this, you can rely on us to reduce downtime and maximise your return investment.