Contact Centre

contactToday we segment targets by industry & Persona. By adding the contact centre type to our segmentation, we can help to make it specific, relevant and make it personal. We have in-depth experience with different types of contact centres, and help our customers to manage challenges and pain points across not only their industry, & contact centre type, but also their specific roles:

  1. Inbound Sales & E-commerce
  2. Customer Service & Support;
  3. Outbound Sales & Marketing
  4. Payment & Collection.

We help you to develop a contact centre strategy by optimising agent involvement and processes through the use of the most appropriate technologies.

Inbound sales and e-commerce contact centres handle incoming communications with customers and prospects via all channels.

Inbound Sales & E-Commerce

Service and Support contact centres assist customers who are seeking information or trying to resolve an issue.

Customer Service & Support

Outbound sales and marketing contact centres proactively communicate with customers and prospects via outbound engagement.

Outbound Sales & Marketing

The collections contact centre relies heavily on both inbound calls and outbound calls.

Payment & Collection

We specialised in Optimising customer experience through all touchpoints and Digital Channels

Omni Channel Customer Experience

Thanks to smartphone, mobile device usage has been growing as the most significant technology expansion presently.

Mobile Solution

Contact Centre virtualisation gives you everything you need to operate a highly scalable and flexible Contact Centre solution at a lower cost of operations.

Contact Centre Virtualisation

Our social media customer care solution that can help you proactively respond to customers and prospects communicating through public social media networks

Social Engagement

Your prospective customer is interested in your products/service, and try to find out information from Web or social media

Proactive Web Engagement

Build, Deploy and Manage Powerful Self-Service Applications to Support Omnichannel Customer Journeys


Today’s marketplace leaders are relying on full integration of both Workforce Optimisation (WFO) and the work distribution cycle

Workforce Optimization to Improve Operation Efficiency

As a call center manager, you are tested on all aspects of monitoring agents in the call center, including call center planning, developing agent skills, rating agents

Performance Management

We help you to leverage analytics to get to the root cause of service issues with a single click