Customer Service & Support

Service and Support contact centres assist customers who are seeking information or trying to resolve an issue. They are also a form of technical support or “helpdesk” for employees. Good service contact centre can increase loyalty, reduce customer effort, deflect inbound calls, and drive profitability. Most of the time, companies proactively engage the contact centre by leveraging automated outbound communication channels.

Challenges Solutions
Missed service levels (across channels)
  • Leverage economies of scale through virtualization of the resource pool
  • Manage all channels from a single, integrated CX platform for routing & reporting
  • Ensure all channels are forecasted & scheduled through an integrated multi-channel workforce management solution
  • Improve agent efficiency & satisfaction with a multi-channel agent desktop
  • Utilize speech and text analytics to improve employee KPIs and leverage business process improvement opportunities
Missed SLA or lower customer loyalty after customer contact and fulfilment of a long running business process
  • Automate the collection, prioritization and distribution of work items (e.g insurance claims, activation orders and CRM cases)
  • Extend forecasting and planning to include work items
  • Improve efficiency & effectiveness of the workforce through reporting & analytics
  • Add work items in to the “universal queue”
  • Implement dynamic blending across interactions and work items
Regulatory Compliance
  • Record interactions when required
  • Analyze interactions for compliance
  • Ensure the right type of interaction is handled by a qualified agent
  • Improve dispute resolution


Our solution can help your contact center to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI). such as first contact resolution, average handle time per interaction, customer satisfaction, abandonment rates, service level adherence. Core Objectives for this contact centre type are: Deliver on the brand promise and provide a degree of service that matches, or exceeds your customer’s expectation; Constantly manage the balance between service provided and the cost of delivery.