Inbound Sales & E-Commerce

Inbound sales and e-commerce contact centres handle incoming communications with customers and prospects via all channels. Thanks to smart-phones and other portable media devices, Interactions of inbound, web-based activities and social media are growing tremendously. Online shopping cart abandonment represents up to $1.79 trillion lost in revenue, a great motivator for e-commerce contact centre improvements.

For example, for banking industry – assisting in the close of applications for credit cards, loans. Insurance companies – Fielding questions and assisting in filing a claim; For Government – paying a fine online or through a IVR.

Challenges Solutions
The Abandoned shopping cart
  • Proactive engagement in website and mobile App at critical times
  • Contectual offers & promotions
  • Speech and text analytics to understand & improve conversion rates
Silo channel customer experience
  • A seamless omni-channel experience with context mapping
  • Centralized contect aware interaction routing
  • Proactive multi-channel 2-way notifications
  • Multi-channel post-transaction surveys
Credit card PCI compliance
  • Implementation of PCI-DSS compliant contact management platforms
  • Use of a secure IVR to take payments
  • Masking of confidential information


Our solution helps your organization to reduce shopping cart abandonment and bounce rates, reduce customer contact and cost to serve so that you can improve sales conversions