Mobile Solution

mobile-appplicationThanks to smartphone, mobile device usage has been growing as the most significant technology expansion presently. we relying on mobile apps for customer service, searching for information, contact externals etc. The impact of this growth is that mobile is now a key component of your omnichannel Contact Centre strategy.

Our Mobile Solution provides you the right platform, tools and connections to help your organization to offer personalised service and conversations through Video collaboration as the touch of a button from your mobile, or voice, web, social media so that your customers can connect with you anytime, regardless of context or location.

integrates video with your existing business and mobile applications, so your customers can initiate face-to-face interactions with your agents. As well as conduct their business through visual, self-service choices on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. In addition to voice and video, you can make other capabilities available to users too, such as co-browse, file sharing and annotation features natively into iOS etc.

Better Services & Lower Cost

Make the most of your business specialists: Centralize pools of specialists and allow inbound calls from video-enabled channels to make better use of your organization’s knowledge.

Deliver a complete omni channel experience. your customers can easily move from mobile to branch channels, as they wish. This helps to create consistent engagements and promote brand loyalty.