Omni Channel Customer Experience

We specialised in Optimising customer experience through all touchpoints and Digital Channels

The customer experience has become a key differentiator for competitive businesses. Top organizations are improving both customer loyalty and profitability by creating consistently positive end-to-end customer experiences. But how to create both unique and superior customer experiences that make a difference?

Your customers do a web chat with you, send email to you, and then they call you, are you truly aware of customer’s different touch points, and continuously engaging and responding in all channels and media types through a common voice with a complete view of the customer journey? The challenge with these disconnected journeys is that to companies, they look random and are costly to serve. For customers, they are inefficient and often frustrating.

We help you to design optimal customer journeys that benefit both your customer and company. Journey design includes cross-touchpoint activity (moving from web to contact centre, then social media, for example), the usage of channels within each touchpoint (multimodality and channel selection, for example) and the usage of proactive notifications (reminders and status updates) – all to reshape customer behaviour and lower customer effort, while improving company efficiency.

We excel in the true art of Omni-channel unification of interaction histories across all silo’s of your organisation such that any representative of your brand may instantly see a true reflection of the customer journey. Through these solutions your brand will appear unified, consistent and be able to keep pace with the immediate needs and expectations of your customer; irrespective of context, location, channel, media or context.