Outbound Sales & Marketing

Outbound sales and marketing contact centres proactively communicate with customers and prospects via outbound engagement. Some companies are going beyond agent-driven calls to agentless and automated communication channels. Outbound contact centres are becoming more signification and necessary due to the impact of automated interactions and channels.

For example, healthcare industry – you might need to email offer to join wellness program; for retail vertical – you could push coupons to mobile devices and so on. Calling is not the only channel to reach out your customers/prospective clients, pro-active outbound web chat, email, social media, sms/text and Mobile Marketing can be useful depends on your existing business environment.

Challenges Solutions
Under-utilization of automated channels
  • Proactive alerts, notifications, confirmations and reminders
  • Post-call surveys
  • Fraud alerts
  • Enablement of end-to-end SMS/MMS messaging
Risk management and regulatory control
  • Real time voice/text analytics to ensure and to provide evidence of compliance
  • Automated, System level controls to prevent regulatory violations
  • Mobile compliance practices around opt-in
  • Rules built to capture business requirements
Contact center efficiency
  • Outbound call pacing
  • Improve connection rates
  • Allow customers to be alerted through automated notifications and provide payments through self-service applications
Enhancing CX
  • Allow customer to opt-in and select notification preferences
  • Deliver multi-channel contact options that drive efficiency in the engagement allowing for lower cost, automated interactions
  • Personalized notifications


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) shall be measured such as agent utilisation, cost per contact, average handle time per interaction, customer satisfaction, abandonment/bounce rates, live party answer rate and sales conversion rate.

We will work alongside your team to analyse your process, assess your business environment and help your organization to achieve your objectives by driving revenue, close sales, up-sell to cross selling and send proactive notifications to engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle; Increase profitability by maximizing agent productivity, improving overall efficiency, enhancing the customer experience across all outbound channels.