Payment & Collection

The collections contact centre relies heavily on both inbound calls and outbound calls. It operates to collect moneys owed to a business from either consumers or businesses that have taken on debt obligations.

For example, for telco industry – proactive usage notification to prevent bill shock; banking industry – Multi-channel credit card payment reminders; Utilities – Notice of service shut-off for non-payment.

Challenges Solutions
Regulatory Control
  • Real-time voice analytics to ensure that agents are compliant and to provide evidence of compliance
  • Need to modify processes to address changing regulatory requirements
  • Automated, system level controls prevent regulatory violations
Increase collection rates – reduce cost of collections
  • Allow customers to be alerted through automated notifications and provide payments through self-service applications without ever speaking with an agent
  • Provide customers with omni channel choices to engage and make payments
Improving customer experience (CX)
  • Proactive notification of outstanding balances that will soon be or already are overdue
  • Simplified, easy to access and user self-payment options
  • Allow customers to opt-in and select notification preferences
  • Provide customers with omni channel choices to engage and make payments


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are right person contact rate, live party answer rate, agent utilisation, cost per contact etc. core objective is to collect as much of the debt as possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible. We design intelligent outbound solutions for you.