Workforce Optimization to Improve Operation Efficiency

Today’s marketplace leaders are relying on full integration of both Workforce Optimisation (WFO) and the work distribution cycle which delivers advanced levels of workflow management automation and agent performance improvement

Automation Drives Efficiency, Quality and Compliance

Workforce Optimisation is fueled by highly accurate speech analytics, text analytics and employee performance analytics for every customer interaction. Unlike most other interaction analytics solutions, our Speech and Text Analytics can automatically trigger various cross-WFO workflows to instantly notify a supervisor or influence scheduling and routing without human intervention. This workflow management software automatically removes repetitive manual interventions across the WFO lifecycle and improves your business performance and the customer experience.

Workforce Management allows contact center managers to develop schedules for multiple sites, manage key performance indicators, and manage real-time adherence to schedules.

WFO can be seamlessly integrated with the routing capabilities so that you can obtain leading workforce optimisation capabilities and your contact centre infrastructure from one vendor. We support your supervisors and managers to help them take immediate action, plan evaluations, and make adjustments to optimize your contact center team performance.