Social Engagement

Your customer might be frustrated with a product/service and decides to Tweet a comments/questions to your business’ twitter or facebook. Could you discover it before receiving complaint calls/emails from customer?

I am sure you could like to process it proactively according to the contact center rules (which assign the actionability, sentiment, influence rating and “Customer Value” calculation) and deliver it to a knowledgeable agent.

Our social media customer care solution that can help you proactively respond to customers and prospects communicating through public social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or other public forums or blogging sites. By providing social media monitoring, queuing, and workflow to organize customer posts on social media networks and deliver them to your social media customer care team, your company can respond to customers in real time using the same social network they are using.

The solution provides you:

  • The ability to configure multiple campaigns to search for customer postings on the public social web about your company’s products, services, or area of expertise
  • Filtering of social contacts based on preconfigured campaign filters to focus campaign searches
  • Routing of social contacts to skilled customer care representatives in the contact center or to experts in the enterprise–multiple people can work together to handle responses to customer postings through shared work queues
  • Detailed metrics for social media customer care activities, campaign reports, and team reports

Being proactive can help your company enhance its service, improve customer loyalty, garner new customers, and protect your brand.